What is the fee ? How do I pay the fees?

$20 per class : Beginners (Junior)

$25 per class : Intermediate (Senior)

$30 per class : Advanced (Vidwath)

Fee must be paid in advance for 2 classes (Every fortnight).

What clothes should I wear for the classes?

Comfortable clothes, so that you can move your limbs freely. For example indian ethnic wear like "kurthi/tights" , "salwar kameez". OR long free t-shirts/tops and leggings.

Must get a "Dupatta" a long cotton cloth  to tie around your waist. Tying the cloth around the waist helps you with a firm posture. 

What is the eligible age group?

5 year old and above.

  • 5 to 15 will be in Kids/Junior batch
  • 15 and above will be in Adult/Senior batch.

What if I miss a class? How will it be adjusted in terms of learning and payment?

Do not miss any classes , but if it's inevitable, it's ok...

If you miss one class, you can still catch up with the syllabus in the following class.  However if you miss several classes, you may continue your lessons with the next immediate group.

Fees will be adjusted to the subsequent class.

When can I perform on the stage?

Entertainment is one of the key aspect of any dance form.  In present scenario, it purely depends upon the opportunity that you get. With minimum learning of 3 months , you can present on stage. Natyokthi will have annual concerts. Students can also perform  Arangetram. Apart from this Natyokthi  will encourage any other group or individual performances.

When can I take the exams?

Minimum one year of learning is required for the exams. 

Exam fee and other details will be discussed in person when you are ready :)