Classes in action

Natyokthi in Sydney


Natyokthi is currently offering Bharathanatyam classes in Epping NSW Australia.  Saturday Morning 9 AM to 10 AM.



At Natyokti we follow regular learning content prescribed in State Board and Universities leading to Degrees in Bharathnatyam including Junior, Senior and Vidwath. Typical scope of the content will include Alaripu, , Jathiswara, Padam, Shabdam, Varnam, Abhinaya, Thillana and Ashtapadi. For example, students in Bangalore can take exams under Karnataka State Board or Rabindra Bharathi University. School will aim for a formal affiliation with a university soon.

Class groups


Junior Group - 6 to 16 years

Senior Group - 16 years and above

Besides the syllabus accomplished, students will be grouped with the aim to promote peer learning support and motivation.

Personalized attention


Group learning amplifies the dance synchronization. However individual attention is must to bring the best in each. At Natyokti, our learning approach reflects our belief that Bharatanatyam is not just a form of entertainment but it is also for overall expression of life

What to expect in one hour session?


  • Exercise customised for Bharatanatyam to achieve flexibility, strength and stamina
  • Nritha (adavus), Nrithya (expression) and Natya(Synchronization) as per the syllabus
  • Theoretical exposition based on Natyashastra for understanding of conceptual aspects of Bharathanatyam

Glimpse of stage performances of students


Our students at Bangalore performed at various dance festivals including the prestigious Sanchari Mahothsav