Express yourself

Natya + Ukthi = Express yourself with Bharathanatyam


Rukmini Devi Arundel's Kalakshethra school adapted a modern style of Pandanallur. Beautiful rendition with adavus and linear moves made Kalakshethra famous.  Dr.Padma Subrahmanyam  enthralled audience with her intense expressions complementing her Vazavoor style. Natyokthi integrates Kalashethra style  adavus with expression and intensity of Vazvoor style  to feel  and live the dance.Read my blog on style for more.... 

Why Natyokthi?


Learn and experience Bharathanatyam as never before. 

  • When your days are filled to the brim, you can dance to relax
  • When your brain refuses to come out of recurring thoughts, you can dance to refresh
  • When you want to lose weight and have fun, you can dance to shed that fat
  • When you want to tone that body, you can dance to pose
  • OR  you can just dance..............

Guru Vidhushi Pallavi Sadangaya


Pallavi, has been active in Bharatanatyam Dance form at various level for the past 20 years. Starting Bharata-Natyam training at the age of 9, she's trained for more than 15 years in Pandanallur Style under the tutelage of Gurus - Vidhushi Kamala Bhat and Shree Balakrishna Natyanilayam Manjeshwar.

Pallavi earned the Vidwath Degree in Bharatanatyam from Karnataka Education Board. She has won numerous awards and recognition for her performances in various forums including the "Kalathilaka" award in Kerala Youth Festival


Vidwat Degree in Bharathnatyam

Vidwat degree is a professional endorsement that the learner has acquired the necessary knowledge ,skills and creative ability and is qualified to teach the dance form.